Doll Factory By L. J. Libiran

April 15, 2021 , Doll Factory

In this sensational, gorgeously erotic tale of forbidden love, suspense, and artistic inspiration (authored by Paul Keirig), a young woman aspires to become an artisan in the doll factory she sees in his advertising tour. Passionate and determined, the girl vows to learn all she can about the craft. But even though she’s eager to gain new knowledge, her greatest source of inspiration is an unlikely source-her own doll. Learn how these two girls inspire each other to greatness in this sensational romance book.

The Doll Factory by Paul Keirig is a charming and sexy tale of forbidden love and doll making. Set in the late 19th century in a small rural town in America, the story centers on a young woman named Ariel Truax. After attending an art academy, Ariel meets and falls in love with a boy named Thomas who works in the factory with her. There, she learns that the dolls made there are not real, but instead plastic dolls that are designed by a man named Matt Stone. When Ariel overhears a conversation between Matt and a woman working at the doll factory, she runs off to find help for herself, and comes face to face with the cruel Matt Stone.

The doll house that Matt Stone owns and operates from his doll factory is the main source of motivation for Ariel and Matt, as they set out to find more about the Doll House and figure out what it represents. Ariel is enthralled by the prospect of traveling into the doll house to meet the dolls and perhaps meet her future love, Thomas. Matt however isn’t so keen on the idea and tells Ariel to go home and wait for him there. But before they can leave, a storm occurs that destroys the doll house-and Matt, Ariel, and Thomas are left stranded in the destroyed factory.

Meanwhile, Thomas, the orphaned boy who lives in the doll house, has started to feel like a doll himself. He knows how to operate the levers and the doll’s limbs; he has even been able to cook food for the dolls. And when the factory’s doors have finally opened, Ariel finally decides to look inside, to see if she can find a new friend there. Inside, however, Matt Stone is nowhere to be found. She quickly realizes that Stone has locked himself out of the factory and starts to panic.

In the midst of all this, a mysterious stranger approaches Ariel and asks for her help. Ariel is dumbfounded but thankful for her chance to rescue Thomas, agrees to accompany him. Together they search the dilapidated doll house and find Matt Stone’s doll body, which has begun to decompose. Ariel devours the corpse, which has now become a food source for the starving Stone. The two of them then use the body as a shield, until they are found by Thomas, who is determined to rescue them. They are able to flee through the sewers and enter Stone’s doll house, where Stone finds a way to reverse the decomposition process, thus reversing the rotting, to prevent the death of the poor doll.

The novel ends with a twist you won’t see in most kid books: in order to turn the entire factory on its side, Stone must escape from it through the sewers once again. It’s a twist that not only makes the ending seem more dramatic, but also adds another layer of dimension to an already superb story. If you’re looking for a fun and entertaining ghost story, this is the kind of book for you.