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One of the charismatic and stimulating tales about outlawed love is The Doll Factory by Paul Keurig. Set in the 19th century backdrop in a small rural town in America, the story revolves around Ariel Truax, a young woman of the town. In this astonishing and magnificent tale of a sexy girl, forbidden to make love, she wishes to be an artist of a doll factory during his tour for advertising.


Being strongly passionate, the girl swears to learn all that about the doll-making craft. But her eagerness to learn seems to be not outside but her doll. It is the source that she gets from being with her source doll. Here is how these girls get inspired by each other importance in this memorable book of romance.


Ariel Truax, the young woman, falls in love with Thomas after attending an art academy. Thomas works in that factory with her. Attending the academy, she comes to know that the dolls that are made there are made of plastic, and not real. These artificial plastic dolls are designed by Matt Stone. When Ariel secretly hears a discussion between Matt and another woman working at the same doll factory, she runs away for finding help for this woman and bumps into Matt Stone who is very much cruel.


The main source of motivation of the story is the inspiration that Ariel and Matt get in the dollhouse owned by Matt Stone. They head on to find more information about the Doll House and find a solution.

Ariel is fascinated by the vista of traveling into the dollhouse that enables her to get closer to the dolls and meet her likely love. Matt, however, shows little interest in the view and requests Ariel to go back home and keep waiting there for him. But a storm occurs before they start and it wrecks the dollhouse. Ariel, Thomas, and Matt are left marooned. They were left stuck in the ruined factory.


In the meantime, the orphaned boy Thomas who stays in the dollhouse begins to feel himself like a doll. He can tell how the levers and limbs of the doll can be operated. He even can prepare food for the dolls. And when the doors of the Doll factory are opened lastly, Ariel decides to gaze inside to see if her new friend is there. However, Matt Stone doesn’t find it there. She realizes soon that Matt has kept himself out of the factory and begins to panic.


In this chaotic situation, a stranger comes to Ariel and requests help. Ariel is astonished but grateful for the chance to save Thomas. She agrees. They hunt the tumbledown doll factory and discover Matt Stone’s doll body, which starts rotting. Ariel gulps the carcass and turns out to be a source of food for the hungry Stone. They then make use of the body as a defense, till they are discovered by Thomas, whose mission was to find them.


If you’re the one who likes fun, entertainment, and thrill in the same story then doll factory is a book for you.